One of the key responsibilities of a Notary Public is to administer oaths and affirmations, both of which are solemn promises of truthfulness made by the signer and the witness.

Both should always be taken seriously, by both the Notary and the person being sworn or affirmed, under the penalty of perjury.

Affidavits &

An affidavit is a signed legal document whereby an individual is making a sworn statement, witnessed and signed by a Notary Public.

A deposition on the on the other hand is the actual process of taking a sworn testimony out of court.

We are able to help with both.

Witness & Certify Signature Validation

Most contracts and documents do not require a witness for it to be legally binding, but there are some documents, like a Will, that can require a third-party witness.

In order to prevent issue, a Notary Public can help both witness the documents’ signing and also help interpret the requirements of the contract or document.

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Common Questions

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In Ontario, a Notary Public is generally a lawyer whose job it is to inspect an original document, and certify that a particular copy is true to the original. In other cases, it is a Notary that administers an oath or affidavit, and verifies signatures. The lawyer will apply a seal to the document, and emboss the seal with his or her particular Notary Stamp. Our Lawyer, David Amin is a Notary Public and is happy to provide this service to the London area. He is also a Commissioner of Oaths.

A Commissioner of Oaths may, or may not, be a lawyer, and is someone appointed by the Province to take an oath when you sign an affidavit or statutory declaration. In so doing, you are making a legal promise that what you are saying in the document is the truth. The content of the document is always your sole responsibility. However, it is the Commissioner’s job to ensure that you are who you say you are, and that you are swearing to the Truth. At Amin Law, we have commissioners on staff who will be happy to serve you.

Please bring two pieces of government issued identification to prove your identity, along with the document you wish to be commissioned or notarized. Please ensure that you do not sign the document prior to your meeting with us, as it is our job to witness your signature.

Some examples of documents that a Commissioner may* sign are:

  • consents to travel
  • declaration regarding residency (with accompanying documentation)
  • vehicle transfers
  • change or proof of vehicle ownership
  • insurance claims
  • pension plan documents
  • statutory declarations on government-related forms

Some examples of documents that a Notary Public may* sign are:

  • If the document specifically states “Notary” and does not offer the option of a Commissioner of Oaths – generally this occurs because the document is from outside Ontario or Canada – and we cannot assure that the authority of a Commissioner of Oaths will be recognized.
  • land transfer and other real estate matters
  • passports and related documents in certain situations
  • documents that need to be certified
  • forms which call upon a Commissioner of Oaths, and also request certified true copies of other documents as attachments. The Commissioner cannot certify attachments and therefore cannot sign the forms.

* It is at the exclusive discretion of the individual Notary or Commissioner of Oaths whether or not they choose to sign the document.

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